Guangmin Wei - Chief Executive Officer CEO

Mr. Wei was appointed PMC CEO on 1 June 2023

Mr Guangmin Wei joined PMC as a General Manager in 2018. He resumed his new responsibility as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) in 2021 to support the PMC broader strategy. He is a Material Scientist Engineer with more than twenty years experience. Mr Wei is from HBIS Dufero China where he held the position of the Chief Operation Officer responsible for manufacturing and processing. Prior to that, Mr Wei was the Vice President for processing and manufacturing at Handan Steel Group. He was also responsible for managing development and implementation of sales strategy and plans, management of technology leadership and quality control.

Mr Wei held several Director positions at Handan Steel Group, including that of Director of Human Resources and Plate Mill consecutively. As a Mill Plant Director, Mr Wei was responsible for amongst others, managing simultaneous optimization of growth and profitability of complex plants which consisted of producing 500 000 tons of push-pulling picking, 300 000 tons line galvanising and 100 000 tons of colour coating strips per year. His experience in technology management includes developing and implementing of technology strategists and discipline to create competitive benefits.

As the specialist and leader that acquired experience in the upstream and downstream facets, Mr Wei’s experience embrace, strategic leadership and management, human and financial resources management, management of mill plants, processing, manufacturing, sales, and technology management.


Mr Guangmin Wei holds Bachelor and master’s degree in Material Science and Engineering, both degrees acquired from the Science and Technology University of Beijing.