Linking policy to strategy

The relationship between policy and strategy is interactive and the two are often interwoven. Close integration is important to make sure that strategies are implemented by using the most suitable policies and that different policies are not contradictory.

The aim of Palabora's Policy Framework is to create a clear organisational approach to the development, implementation and management of all the company's policies and to ensure that those members of staff involved are clear as to their roles and responsibilities. Generally, procedures follow on from policy - they provide a clear explanation of what 'must be done' in order to implement the policy and compliance is compulsory for all employees. Procedures can take the form of a separate document, a section of the policy or emboldened within the policy document. Our policies also typically have a guidance section with supporting information about good practice and suggestions on the practicalities of how to implement the policy.

Below is a selection of Palabora's key organisational policies:

  • Palabora SHEQ policy
  • Palabora Communities policy
  • Railway safety policy
  • Energy policy