Moloto 1 is located to the north-west of Muhululu Hill and south-east of Moloto Hill.

This site was recently identified by representatives of the indigenousness community.


Historical evidence

It is said that the matrilineal relatives of Paane, one of the early progenitors of the MasÍkÍ-Malatji, were the Moloto clan who lived near Mapulaneng. This group was related to the Bakoni of Matlala. The MasÍkÍ-Malatji contracted marriage alliances with this group. The Bakoni also supported the MasÍkÍ-Malatjiís claims to the Ba-phalaborwa chieftaincy. This was particularly noticeable during the succession feuds between Paane and Makikele of the Makusane-Malatji. Moloto 1  therefore may also have been occupied by a Bakoni group related to the MasÍkÍ-Malatji.


Archaeological remains

Pending an archaeological investigation.


The archaeological investigation



State of preservation